What Dental Conditions Does an Orthodontist Treat?

Orthodontists do way more than just treat misaligned teeth. If you haven’t been to an orthodontist before, there are a variety of different conditions that they can treat which can result in an improvement in your overall life. Not all treatments are the same. But if you are struggling with bone or dental alignment issues in your mouth, an Orthodontist Aurora CO-based, or any other location can improve how you feel long term.

Conditions Treated by an Orthodontist

There are so many conditions that can be improved greatly just by visiting an orthodontist. You can receive dental treatment and be on your way to building your confidence again. It doesn’t matter how minor or significant your dental issues are. Some of the most common conditions treated by an orthodontist are:

  • Jaw issues
  • Teeth spacing
  • Bite misalignments

Jaw Issues

A problem, but less common issue that orthodontists can treat is known as jaw misalignments. If you have this type of problem, your jaw could cause issues inside your mouth. One of the most common signs that you are suffering from a jaw issue is persistent or frequent pain in the bottom part of your mouth. Your jaw may also make noise when you move it. An orthodontist can help determine the source of the issue and provide solutions for it.

Teeth Spacing

The most common issue that many individuals visit an orthodontist for is teeth spacing. Spacing issues can cause aesthetic damage and damage to your self-confidence as well. Teeth spacing can also cause decay and gum problems. Orthodontists typically deal with two common types of dental spacing issues, including overcrowding and tooth gaps. Gaps are visible when your teeth don’t occupy the space that your entire mouth does. Overcrowding, on the other hand, is related to not having enough space in your mouth for all your teeth. No matter the issue, an orthodontist can help manipulate your teeth into positions that are beneficial.

Bite Misalignments

Another common issue that patients visit an orthodontist for includes bite misalignments. This simply means that your teeth are not lined up perfectly when you bite down. There are three different types of bite issues that you can have including crossbite, underbite, or overbite. An overbite means that your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth when you bite down. A crossbite is a bite that creates a gap between your upper front and lower teeth. An underbite is when your bottom teeth overlap your upper teeth. No matter the type of bite you have, an orthodontist can help improve it and ensure both your upper and bottom teeth meet midline as they should.

Orthodontists are trained and qualified to assist you with any tooth alignment issues you are dealing with. You can obtain the best treatment possible by visiting an experienced and reputable orthodontist.