Trendy Prescription Eyeglasses For Your Kids

An eyeglass prescription is usually ordered by an eye specialist, it specifies the corrective lenses for each customer. Most kids do not like wearing glasses that is why trendy prescription glasses have become popular.

Before buying kids prescription eyeglasses, take some time to understand what they should likely look like. Some frames are more practical for kids than others. For example, metal frames are lighter and durable, while rubberized edges are ideal for unruly children. If you wish for a more designer look for your child, consider shopping for kids’ eyeglasses from sites like Felix Gray. In this article, you will discover the trendy frames of prescription glasses and their advantages.

Rubberized frames are durable.

For durable frames, opt for rubberized ones. These frames are more durable than metal frames and can be easily swapped out for a new style whenever needed. In addition, there are more than 20 different colors available. Some glasses start at $69, including the frame, lens, carrying case, and shipping. In addition, frames come with UV filters and impact-resistant lenses for added protection and clarity. Kids can also opt for sports styles.

Kids are very active, and they are likely to drop, sit on, or run around with their glasses. Their developing nose bridges are often not high enough to support the glasses when looking straight ahead or down. Slipping glasses can cause headaches and defocus images. To avoid these problems, select rubberized frames for kids. There are three critical features in kids’ frames: material, nose pad/bridge, and temple tip.

Metal frames are lighter.

Choosing eyeglasses for your child should be a partnership, as they can be an essential factor in a child’s overall development. Although it may not be a perfect choice for every child, it is good to ask your optician about your child’s preference. Children’s glasses are typically from metal or acetate, both high-end materials. Plastic frames were considered lighter and more durable, but metal frames offer the same features and are often slimmer and more delicate than plastic ones. As a result, kids and adults may find metal frames more appealing and prefer them over plastic ones. Children with sensitive skin may also pick metal frames, reducing irritation and itchiness.

While plastic frames were previously the most popular among kids, metal and rubber frames quickly took their place. The newer designs incorporate durability and are lightweight while providing a youthful look. However, children often pick frames that look like adults. 

Felix Gray offers glasses.

While soaring in popularity as a fashion brand for adults, Felix Gray has something for kids. The retailer claims to celebrate diversity and offers a selection of styles to fit every face shape, skin tone, and personal style. Customers can buy prescription glasses and sunglasses, eyeglass cases, lens cleaners, sun clips, and other accessories. Their website features a virtual try-on feature.

To return a pair of glasses, customers must first obtain a valid prescription from a doctor. This prescription can be entered during the checkout process, or the customer can call their optometrist and get a replacement pair. They recommend measuring pupillary distance and contacting eye care professionals for prescription eyeglasses.