The benefits of CBN

Medical grade cbn has not been researched nearly as much as CBD has. However, there are several benefits associated with the use of CBN. CBN products have primarily been promoted as a sleep aid but there isn’t sufficient research conducted on this product to back up these claims.

Promotes sleep

One of the key points of all cannabinoids is that they promote sleep, better sleep, or restful sleep. Which may all sound the same, but are slightly different. Some patients struggle to fall asleep and are wide awake throughout the night. Other patients may be able to fall asleep but struggle to stay asleep as they often wake up during the night.

And, other patients still, may be able to sleep through the night but wake up feeling tired and drained.

A study was conducted in 1975 on five male participants. It was found from this study that CBN may act as a sedative. Therefore, CBN has been promoted as a sleep aid and may help patients to achieve better sleeping habits.

Pain relief

Similar to promoting better sleep, many of the cannabinoids have shown to be effective when it comes to pain relief. Keep in mind, though, that results may differ from person to person. Some may experience the benefits while others may not experience any benefits at all.

A study was conducted on rats in 2016, and the results revealed that the use of CBN may reduce myofascial pain as it did in rats. It was further determined from this study that a combination of CBD and CBN may be very effective at relieving certain types of pain.


While, to date, there have been no human studies, it was determined from a study conducted on rats, that CBN may help reduce certain types of inflammation.