The range of cosmetic bottles can safely be called impressive

Glass bottles specifically for cosmetics. It’s nothing new, but it is still the best conceivable packaging product for all forms of cosmetics. When you think of cosmetic bottles, you automatically think of a standard glass bottle to store various products. Nothing is less true. The variety of cosmetic bottles is gigantic. If you want to see all available bottles, you should take a day off from work, because the range is certainly huge.

Every packaging need can be met

There are cosmetic bottles for foundation, liquid makeup and loose powder. Cosmetic bottles are also available in special designs for eyeshadow and perfume. There are glass containers that are perfect for storing serums, toners, all kinds of creams, eye shadows and eyeliners. Every packaging need can be met, or so it seems when we take a closer look at the generous selection of cosmetic bottles.

Cosmetic bottles are simply perfect for storing cosmetics

Store beauty in a glass bottle. Thereby you have to choose from spray bottles for perfume, for example, you can choose from so-called roll-on bottles, the well-known cap and drop bottles, pipette bottles and very specifically the cosmetic bottles. Besides the different types of bottles, you also have a lot to choose from when it comes to the size, shape of the cosmetic bottles and also the color. Because also those you choose yourself nowadays. It is hard to think of a better packaging material than a handy little bottle. Glass is ideal anyway. It is not porous, it is safe and impenetrable. Plus, it’s a material you can completely reuse.

Know which product to keep in which bottle

One bottle is not the other. There is a large supply of real glass bottles, but the same bottles are available in plastic versions. It is also important to know exactly which products you keep in which bottles. Take the product into account. It is a fact that a product such as mascara, for example, is offered in small packaging. This is not for nothing. Go with it and don’t opt for a medium or even large package.

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